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WPvivid Backup Plugin
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A timely WPvivid Backup click of the restore button can prevent undue stress and loss of brand name reputation and revenue, all of which are part and parcel of an offline or unusable website. But perhaps that’s not why you’re here; perhaps you’re just trying to find a WordPress transfer WPvivid Plugin to migrate your site.

If you’re trying to find a formidable backup or migration plugin, we are glad to point you towards WPvivid, the topic of this review. during a few lines, we highlight why WPvivid is an awesome WordPress backup and transfer plugin.

We also install the plugin to supply you with a clearer picture of what to expect.

If that sounds good, let’s start with our check out WPvivid and therefore the features that make the plugin stand out from the gang. then, we test-drive the plugin so you’ll hit the bottom running. Enjoy and let’s hear your thoughts within the comment section at the top.

What is WPvivid?

Without beating around the bush, WPvivid may be a free and feature-rich backup and migration plugin for WordPress. Notable WPvivid competitors contain plugins/solutions like Duplicator, BackupBuddy, VaultPress, and blogVault among others.

The plugin is developed and maintained by WPvivid, a corporation that focuses on creating awesome WordPress plugins. At the time of writing, the plugin only features a free version available at WordPress.org. WPvivid helps you to backup your site, restore a backup when necessary and transfer your site’s files to and from various environments.

The plugin is straightforward to line up and use you ought to be up and running in but 10 minutes. Now, allow us to check out the features that make WPvivid a superb backup and migration companion for all WordPress users.

WPvivid Features

You most definitely don’t want your favorite backup solution to fail on you, especially once you actually need it. As such, you deserve a fully-featured and all-in-one WordPress plugin like WPvivid.

Easy Site Migration

The plugin allows you to transfer your WordPress site with one click. It supports multiple sorts of migrations including dev environment to a replacement server, dev environment to a replacement domain or live server to a different.

Additionally, you’ll migrate your site to a subdirectory, from a.com to b.com, from a.com to a.com/directory and from a.com to b.com/directory. The plugin allows you to transfer the whole site, files or the database only. the entire migration process is as easy as A, B, C.

Easy Backups and One-Click Restore

Creating backups with WPvivid maybe a piece of cake. you’ll manually create downloadable backups. Further, you’ll upload your backups to remote storage sites like Dropbox,  Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP, FTP, and Google Drive among others. If you don’t have the time to make backups manually, you’ll easily found out automatic backups that run regularly.

In times of need, you’ll easily restore your WordPress site from a backup with one click. Other features include the power to customize backup content, the ability to filter large files, log files, support for giant database files, responsive design, backup splitting, and a backup lock to stay backups safe from auto-deletion among others.

How to Install WPvivid

Now that you simply know the features to expect, allow us to install the free plugin and inspect what it’s to supply.

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New. On the subsequent screen, enter “WPvivid” within the keyword search box and once you discover the plugin, hit the Install Now button as we highlight below.

After that hit the Activate button to urge the ball rolling. See the image below if you’re the right beginner and don’t skills to activate a plugin.

Once you activate the plugin, you’ll be redirected to the WPvivid’s admin dashboard shown within the following screenshot.

WPvivid Admin Dashboard

On the above screen, you’ll easily create manual backups by choosing your backup options and hitting the Backup Now button. The backups are stored in the wp-content/wp-vivid backups folder by default. Also, you’ll view your backup schedule if you activate automatic backups. Additionally, you’ll upload backups you create using the WPvivid Backup plugin.

In addition, you’ll view how-to guides that assist you to make manual backups also as restore and migrate your site. Now, allow us to dive into the opposite settings tab.

Scheduling WPvivid Backups

One of WPvivid’s most powerful features is that the automated backups that prevent much time. to make a backup schedule, click on the Schedule tab as we detail within the image below.

WPvivid Auto-Migration

The auto-migration feature helps you to migrate your WordPress site to a replacement domain. It’s the right tool to maneuver your WordPress site from dev environment to measure server or from old server to the new. To access this feature, hit the Auto-Migration tab as shown below.

You will use the key within the Auto-Migration tab of the origin website. The procedure is just about straightforward we don’t expect you to run into any problems. Plus, there are clear instructions showing you exactly what to try to, so don’t be afraid.

WPvivid Remote Storage

If you’ve got space limitations on your web server and/or would really like to store your backups on remote storage sites, you’ll definitely love WPvivid’s remote storage feature. to require advantage of the feature, click the Remote Storage tab as we highlight below.

WPvivid Settings

The above tab carries many options to regulate your backups. It includes settings such as:

  • Backup splitting by size, which comes in handy if your host limits large zip files.
  • Ability to exclude files that are larger than the limit you specify.
  • Ability to line PHP script execution timeout to avoid backup time-out errors.
  • Renaming your backup folder, which is wp vivid backups by default.
  • Backup archiving.
  • Removal of outdated backups.
  • Email reports.
  • Export/Import WPvivid configuration settings, so you’ll found out the plugin on another website quickly.
  • A feature to wash junk like backup cache, logs, and temporary files.

WPvivid Website Info

If you encounter errors while backing up, restoring or migrating your site, the blokes over at WPvivid need your website info, in order that they can easily find out what happened. you’ll gather this information, or send it to them directly using the WPvivid Website Info tab shown below.

WPvivid Logs

And finally, we have the WPvivid Logs tab shown above. The tab shows all of your log files, which are available handy when troubleshooting errors.

WPvivid Support

Seeing because the plugin is free at the instant, does WPvivid offer support? Absolutely YES! you’ll get support from the plugin support forum at WordPress.org, Twitter or via email.

Additionally, if you would like more information, you’ll visit the start page. You get all future updates free, and there’s a premium version within the works.


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