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The original Microsoft bundles

Microsoft Office 2019 pro may be a family of client and server software and services developed by Microsoft. Initially, the term for an office suite—a bundled set of Microsoft’s productivity applications—the first version of Microsoft Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint

There are several versions of Office that are geared towards different users and operating systems. There’s the classic and popular desktop version, available on both Windows and Mac;

The online browser version called Office Online; and even versions for Android and iOS. 

Microsoft Office also has Office 365, a cloud-based subscription service of the bundle with added features.


  • Has the classic versions of the favored Office apps
  • A one-time purchase means less chance of additional charges
  • Works on both Windows and Mac
  • Free customer support


  • For one PC or Mac only
  • Yearly versions mean faster outdatedness
  • Can’t choose specific apps and services
  • Customer support just for 60 days

All in one

Two of the famous bundles for Microsoft Office are Office Home & Business and Office Home & Student. While the 2 are marketed for various purposes, both have huge similarities in terms of the applications and services included within the packages.

Take your pick

However, while Office 365 seems like the simplest option out of all the Office bundles, you would possibly be the sort to only be content with small amounts of features or the sort who doesn’t need half what’s included in Office 365. If so, the classic Microsoft Office packages like Home & Business and residential & Student can help thereupon.

Bundles are better

Whatever your choice with Microsoft deals, those which are already put together for one purchase are far more convenient, especially for paperwork or schoolwork. Office 365 boasts that free 1 TB of cloud storage, but not everyone’s getting to need it all the time so these Microsoft Office plans are still considered classics.

Office Business Tips

  • Use productivity tools on any device

With Office 365, your team can stay focussed and productive regardless of where they’re or what device they’re performing from .

Encourage employees to use Office 365 apps on their mobiles and tablets — that way, they’ll be ready to edit documents, inspect visuals, and watch presentations on the go.

so it’d just be the simplest investment for your business’s productivity.

  • Stay in sync

Our Office 365 tips and tricks offer the solution to staying in sync — regardless of what different time zones employees are in.

More than one version of a ‘final copy’ may even appear — this suggests more last-minute work for your team as they scramble to form sure one version has all the right edits before they submit or present the project.

This also cuts out the center man (in this case, email), where you return and forwards emailing the document and risk a replica getting lost along the way or coworkers accidentally downloading an outdated file attachment.

  • SharePoint’s Alert Me function

Ever spent way an excessive amount of time manually checking a file for updates? Or have you ever been reading from a file mid meeting only to understand it had been updated since you last went over it?

This is one among our favourite Office 365 tips and tricks to extend the accessibility of changes to files across all staff member’s devices.

Following an equivalent system, select the item you’d like an alert for. Then click the things tab, Alert Me, then Set Alarm on This Item.

User-management tips

  • Disable old accounts

Office 365 encourages your team to be collaborative and functional. However, it’s important to not get lazy when it involves account management and risk jeopardising information and document security.

Who wants an unnecessarily cluttered system, anyway!?

They’re just taking over unnecessary space and cluttering the network.

  • Keep track of your licenses

It sounds simple, but keeping track of your licenses may be a necessary a part of our Office 365 tips and tricks list as it’s often neglected.

If an employee leaves, transfer their Office 365 license to the person taking their position (or to anyone yet to be issued a license).

Assigning this current license to a replacement person will economize in new license costs. If you create an error and wish to reactivate an account, it are often restored for 30 days after being removed.

  • Don’t overdo permissions

Even though you hire folks that seem trustworthy, it’s important for company security to not give each employee more access than you would like to.

When you’re assigning permissions, confine mind that an employee should tend the smallest amount amount of permissions needed to urge the work done.

Not over-assigning these permissions will company information, licensing, and files secure.

Office Excel Tips

  • Learn the keyboard shortcuts

It’s often habit for your employees to use shortcuts when working in Word or PowerPoint. they’ll not realise, however, just what percentage useful shortcuts Excel has got to offer.

This is why it’s on our list of Office 365 tips and tricks. Excel keyboard shortcuts save time (less watching spreadsheets!) and make using and navigating Excel that much simpler.

There is an inventory on Microsoft of all the Excel shortcuts, which may be a handy link to direct your employees to.

  • Visualise your data

Different people prefer reading data in several formats. For some, big data could also be hard to navigate, and graphs really help to interrupt this up.

Then navigate to Home, Conditional Formatting, and Data Bars. You’ll then be asked to settle on between a gradient fill or colour fill.

This is a simple , simple thanks to make your Excel documents visually appealing. It also draws attention to big information.

  • Freeze panes for fewer pain!

One of the foremost frustrating things when using Excel are often scrolling through an extended list of data then reading inputs from the incorrect column.

That’s where freeze panes, also referred to as sticky rows, comes in. This simply allows you to keep rows at the highest of the Excel sheet as you scroll through it.

This is a handy a part of our Office 365 tips and tricks blog, as it’s useful for almost any Excel project regardless of what department.

  • Use the Status Bar

The Status Bar appears at rock bottom of your Excel spreadsheet once you highlight a variety of numbers.

You can see information about the sum, average, and total number count. Many folks know the Status Bar is there, but not how useful it’s . for instance , you’ll actually add even more features to the Status Bar as you’re employed on the document.

This can save precious time trying to seek out the knowledge as required when performing on a document. it’ll be right ahead of you.

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