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Best WordPress Plugin user registration allows you to make a registration form for your users to login, signup, payments or more. Various services that you simply provide on your website might need user registration that a plugin is often wont to make it useful.

And this post may be a complete tutorial on creating such user registration forms/ pages, especially for beginners. Take a glance at the most contents of the article. you’ll click on any topic to directly skip thereto section of the article.

  • What is a WordPress user registration?
  • Why would you would like to permit user registration on your WordPress site?
  • How to enable WordPress user registration (default)?
  • How to create custom user registration forms/ pages beautifully on WordPress?
  • Wrapping Up

User Registration

WordPress user registration is yet one more integral feature you’d not want to miss. Essentially, the ‘register’ feature is out there on the default WordPress installation which may be enabled from the WP dashboard following the given steps.

Go to your WP admin panel > Settings > General.

User Registration Pages

Now you’ll start creating custom user registration pages. But before that, you’ll wish to inspect sample registration pages added through the automated setup process.

Go to All Pages in Pages menu in WP Dashboard. There you’ll see two pages ‘My Account’ and ‘Registration’ added by the plugin automatically (through automatic setup process).

Go to your WP admin panel > Pages > All Pages.

In order to see how the sample pages look, you’ll simply click on the ‘View‘ link below the page.

Here is how the default registration form looks with the Twenty Seventeen theme. the planning of the registration form usually depends on the theme active on your site.

As shown within the image above, you’ll simply put a check on the ‘Anyone can register‘ choice to enable WordPress registration or membership feature.

Once it’s enabled, users now can find a register option at your website’s login page ((e.g: Now, users can get registered to your site by entering a username and email, however, it doesn’t look ideal.

First, it’s not user-friendly that a user must find the login URL to urge the registering option. Next, as an internet site owner, you can’t collect more information because it features a limited two-field form allowing users to enter just a username and email.

Therefore, you would like a virtual WordPress registration plugin. Thankfully, there may be a carefully crafted simple and user-friendly plugin at your disposal: User Registration.

User Registration may be a free drag and drop user registration plugin for WordPress. The plugin comes up with many amazing features in order that you’ll easily create a gorgeous front-end user registration form within a couple of minutes.

Some of the most features of the plugin are Unlimited registration forms, multi-column support, ReCaptcha support, email notifications, etc. additionally, you’ll extend its features by purchasing its premium add-ons.



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